The Gaels (later Whistlebinkies)

Briefly, Jamie Gallagher and Willie Barr went in other directions, which left Jim and I minus a vocalist. Rab MacFarlane joined us briefly, and at this time we also met Mick Broderick, a refugee from the Clydebank Band The Jacobites. After a gig around Dalmuir, Mick and I stayed at his place on night and talked about the prospects for our band. Reaching into a battered suitcase, he produced a book of Scots songs and poetry entitled ‘The Whistlebinkie’, pointed to its title, and announced “Would that not be a great name for a band?” The idea was born…

At the same time, Ewan McVicar had returned from the US and he also joined us when time allowed. I stayed with the band until early 1969, but left to be married later that year.


Photograph from Mike Murphy