Whistlebinkies 3 (Claddagh CC34)

Long play record released.

wb3Side One: The Lewis Jig/Duncan MacKillop/Granny Macleod; The Twa Corbies; The Ladies’ Hornpipe/Lowe’s(Marshall)/Duncan Johnstone (Donald Macleod); Nathaniel Gow’s Lament for the Death of his Brother (Nathaniel Gow)/Glenlivet/The Three Peaks of South Uist (John Scott); Ane Ground; The Sheepwife
Side Two: Clean Pease Strae/The Keel Row/The Bowmore Reel (or Miss Girdle)/The Whistlebinkies’ Reel (Rab Wallace)/Devonshire Terrace (Rab Wallace); There’ll Never Be Peace Until Jamie Comes Hame; The Hare in the Corn/The Road to Lisdoonvarna/Ar Eirinn ni Neosfainn Ce Hi (For ireland I’ll Not Tell Her Name)/The Killarney Boys of Pleasure/ Jackie Coleman’s Reel/Farewell to Erin; Macbeth (Eddie McGuire)


Peter Anderson (Scottish side drum), Mick Broderick (bodhran, vocals) Stuart Eydmann (fiddle, concertinas), Mark Hayward (fiddle), Eddie McGuire (flute), , Rhona MacKay (clarsach), Rab Wallace (lowland pipes). Photo by Douglas Corrance at Hill House, Helensburgh, March 21, 1982