Co-op 150th Anniversary

The group supported the ┬áconcert to mark the 150th Anniversary of the Co-op movement held in the STUC centre in Glasgow on Dec 1. The night started with some speeches and then a set from the championship winning Co-op Funeral Care Brass Band. We followed with five numbers featuring both lowland and smallpipes. We tried out a few new things with the bass and the smallpipes which seemd to work well. Following us was Arthur Johnston who was in fine voice as ever. He led the crowd in the Internationale and reminded everyone that the opening line is ‘Arise you starvelings from your slumbers’ not ‘Arise you starlings from your slumbers’ as has been heard on more than one occasion over the years. The man who introduced us commented that we had been supporting labour movement occasions for close on 40 years. True. Who can forget all those damp Sunday evenings in the MacLellan Galleries doing our bit to Free Nelsom Mandela or to draw attention to the Miner’s Strike. One big improvemrnt over the years: there was wine, chilled beer and fresh fruit on offer last night. Back in the 70s it was warm cans of McEwans and cold sausages rolls. RW.