Alastair Savage Trio

Great show last night from Alastair and the team. Very busy BBC Club at the City Hall heard the master fiddler swing through a whole load of classy traditional material (Marshall, Gow x 2, Skinner) and then a set of more contemporary stuff with a traditional feel. Very tight playing from all three: Alastair, Ian Crawford on bass and Ewan Drysdale on guitars and piano.
The reason this post is here is that Alastair and Ian are Binks of course but as well as playing with the BBC SSO they also have this trio work. They proved again that great musicians can tackle any genre. One highlight was the slow air that was used for a BBC Alba documentary called Vanishing something. Les Wilson, the documentary maker, was in the audience and must have been impressed. Les tells me there is a programme about Montrose going out on Fri (St Andrew’s Night). Les expects some flak from the Robert the Bruce faction who will dispute his assertion that Montrose was Scotland’s greatest ever general. I think he said the show as on BBC2 at 9pm. Catch Alastair’s trio if you can next time oot. RW.

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