Rotterdam Philharmonic Gergiev Festival : 9 September 2012

Arcadis Zall de Doelen

The Festival served up a unique combination of Scottish music and whiskey tasting. Absorb the salty waves of Celtic melodies, allow the breeze of John Cage’s playful sense of disorder to rise, hand this brewage to the unequalled members of the Whistlebinkies and Scottish Circus is the result: an experience which sounds like dashing breakers. ‘And wide-eyed, ears straining, we remained, as more haunting phrases crept from all around,’ The Scotsman wrote, ‘… An improvisation of incredible beauty and delicacy.’

Rab Wallace writes: The picture shows some of us on walkabout in the city centre before rehearsals. Not in picture are Iain (bass) who is taking the picture, Rhona (clarsach) who was off powdering her nose somewhere and Stuart (box) who was off admiring buildings or some such. It really was a  superb night at the concert and we would like to thank all the staff at the Doelen for their hospitality and courtesy and the audience for being so receptive to Scottish Circus (Cage is never easy) and to our own more traditional fare. Thank you Rotterdam!

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