The Gaels

Mike Murphy recalls:

“Jim Daily and I have been friends and have also played music together for
many years, having met whilst we were both students at St. Patrick’s High
School, Coatbridge, although I am probably a year or two older than Jim. For my own part, I had regularly played in sessions in the village of Glenboig – a regular Thursday evening event in those days, held in Chapman’s Pub,
Glenboig. I lived in Moodiesburn at that time and frequently met Jim Daily (fiddle) there, who also stayed in Moodiesburn also at that time. Jim was also a regular visitor to Chapman’s Pub. The Glenboig Thursday sessions were popular and varied and attracted musicians from neighbouring villages such as Croy and Kilsyth. In any case, Jim and I were joined by two other
musicians, namely Jamie Gallagher (Croy) and Willie Barr (Kilsyth), both of
whom are now deceased. We formed a folk group, calling ourselves The Gaels, and played mostly in local villages around Lanarkshire and East
Dunbartonshire. At that time, Folk music was achieving some popularity, and we probably had our first resident playing gig at the Masonic Arms,
Cumbernauld Village, in 1967. In the same year we also met in the Old Scotia
Bar, Stockwell Street, Glasgow on Saturdays – the ‘Mecca’ for folk musicians
in those days.”

Photograph from Mike Murphy

Photograph from Mike Murphy

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