The Whistlebinkies (Claddagh CC22)

Cover of The Whistlebinkies first LP album for Claddagh Records. Photo taken  on top of Dumbarton Rock by Douglas Corrance

Cover of The Whistlebinkies first LP album for Claddagh Records 1977. Photo taken on top of Dumbarton Rock by Angus Forbes May 29 1977

Long play record released by Claddagh Records:


Side One:  Alena MacAskill/MacDonald’s Exercise/Jig of Slurs; Haughs O’Cromdale; Farewell to Nigg; Mrs MacLeod of Raasay/Mrs McGuire (McGuire);/Staten Island/Peat Fire Flame/Reel of Tulloch/High Road to Linton; The Battle of Sherriffmuir
Side Two:  March of Brian Boru/Eileen Aroon/O’Keefe’s/Morrison’s Jig; Donald MacGillivray; Gillie Callum/The Barn Dance/Sleepy Maggie/The Blacksmith’s Reel; The Royal Scottish Pipers/The Harper (McGuire);/The Traditional Reel/The Ness Pipers

Performers:  Rab Wallace (pipes), Eddie McGuire (flute), Rae Siddall (fiddle), Mick Broderick (drums and vocals), Charles Guard (clarsach) and Peter Anderson (drums)

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