Whistlebinkies 2 (Claddagh CC31)

Long play record released.


Side One: The Linen Cap/Ghlass Ault/The Killearn Reel/Waukin’ o’ the Fauld/The Weaving Reel (McGuire); The Bonnie Moorhen; Duncan Johnstone’s Strathspey (Rab Wallace)/John Mac Kechnie/Mrs MacPherson of Inveran (G S MacLennan); The Marquis of Huntly’s Strathspey (Marshall)/Sir Ronald MacDonald’s Reel/The Penny Wedding (Nath Gow); Phiutharag ‘sa Phiuthar (Sister, Oh Sister); Andrew Wallace (Rab Wallace)/Broderick’s Bodhran (Rab Wallace)
Side Two: Great Is the Cause of My Sorrow; John MacDonald of Glencoe (William Lawrie)/Mrs MacDonald of Dunach (William Lawrie); Gealach nan Eilean (Island Moon); The Fossil Grove (Bob Nelson)/Sir John Henderson (Niel Gow)/Miss Hannah’s Jig (Marshall)/The Sailor’s Wife; Freedom Come All Ye (Hamish Henderson)

Eddie McGuire (flute), Rab Wallace (lowland pipes), Rhona MacKay (clarsach, vocals), Mick Broderick (drums and vocals) Bob Nelson (fiddle) and Peter Anderson (Scottish side drum)

Reviewed in the Scotsman in September 1980 Alastair Clark. Reviewed in Melody Maker 18 October 1980 by David Etheridge who said “Following their highly acclaimed first album, this outing shows a wealth of excellencein the Whistlebinkies approach to the traditional idiom. Combining bothoriginal and traditional material with a skillful approach to arrangement, the whole excercise is a convincing example of what can and should be done in this field.”

The album was No 1 in the Melody Maker folk music chart on 18 October 1980 and No 2 on 8 November 1980.

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